PM Allow List

To enable:

type “/mode yournick +P”


/OPENPM guest420 => Allow guest8 to message you

/OPENPM guest420 => Permanently add user to list even after reconnects to server. 

/CLOSEPM guest* => Remove all entries matching this mask (guest8, guestxxxx, etc)

/CLOSEPM * => Remove all entries (saves you a disconnect)

/PMLIST => list of white listed users



—     /OPENPM nick [-persist]

—         Allow messages from the given user

—         The argument must be an actual, existing nick

—         Also accepts -persist to keep an entry through

—         reconnects. Requires the nick to be registered and

—         logged into after they reconnect.

—     /CLOSEPM nickmask

—         Clear matching entries from your list

—         Supports wildcard matches too (* and ?)

—     /PMLIST

—         Display your current whitelist

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